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Boardrooms & Conference Rooms designed by Mythri  Business Tech improves the environment for meetings, improves operational client interactions and helps reduce corporate travel expenses. It also provides meeting participants with the flexibility to participate remotely, in case they are unable to be physically present.

The audio visual systems required for board rooms, are usually the most advanced multimedia solutions that any organization will invest in, since it is generally the boardroom that hosts the most crucial meetings with external people, or where critical internal decisions are made.  AV professionals says that boardroom design has taken on a holistic approach. Today, the enterprise-level boardroom is an integrated, interoperable collaboration space.

Mythri Business Tech offers high quality AV integration, design, and installation and board room solutions to our clients with advance technology



Corporate Boardrooms are no longer just an image building tool for large multi-national organisations. Over the last decade they have evolved into the hub for most strategic, operational and tactical decision making within organisations and are powered by a whole new generation of tools for presentations and smooth sharing of content.

The modern boardroom & conference room design features high-resolution displays of up to 4K for improved image clarity resulting in crisper more engaging presentations. This means that communicating finer details like intricate graphs, detailed spreadsheets and high-definition photographs etc., is simpler than ever before. These displays can also be touch sensitive, which allows information to be annotated to convey ideas in a more dynamic and precise way.


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